Sbatra Gitter

First of all, what is Kinect2OCV?

Kinect2OCV is an Open Source library to obtain the Kinect for Windows V2 data feeds into OpenCV structs. You get all the images in OpenCV Mat objects, Face coordinates in OpenCV Rects etc.

Why use Kinect2OCV?

If you are planning to make an application that uses both OpenCV and KinectV2, this will save you a lot of work. It can act as a basic framework for your application which does all the basic work such as fetching an image from kinect or getting the face coordinates, which will give you a headstart and you can focus on more advanced tasks.

Hardware Requirements.

  • Kinect for Windows V2 Sensor
  • A USB 3.0 Port
  • Intel Core i7(3.1 Ghz or more)
  • 4 Gigs of Main Memory or more
  • DirectX 11 Compatible GPU

Software Requirements.

  • Windows 8.1(x64) or later
  • Kinect for Windows V2 SDK
  • OpenCV 2.4+
  • Prefered IDE:- Visual Studio

Features currently working.

  • Color Feed
  • IR Feed
  • Depth Feed
  • Face Basics
  • ColorPoint To Depth Point mapping (Not Accurate)

Features yet to be implemented.

  • Long Exposure IR Feed
  • Body Index
  • Body Frame
  • Coordinate Mapping
  • HD Face
  • Kinect Fusion


Visualizing Color , IR and Depth feeds.

Face Detection.

Color Point To Depth Point Mapping